it is happening again


can we all conclude that skinny shaming isn’t a thing at all but also like let’s not pretend like nicki’s video was made to uplift fat girls when really all it does is glorify the extremely hard to achieve ‘extremely small waist/big ass’ look that is very in at the moment, none of the girls in the video were fat at all and all fit the ~skinny thicc~ look that is very en vogue atm like let’s be very real

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Inspired by 3D modelling software glitches, Noa Raviv has designed garments that bring the digital into a physical space.  Classic Greek and Roman sculptures are the starting point and then worked into hi-tech garments.


when you’re trying to tell a story but your friends aren’t listening image

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Alessandro Mendini, Juliet’s House, 1983

"Supermodel" by Dmitry Kochanovich
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when i’m going through a potential bae’s instagram and i see him hugged up with someone who’s not me

literally me every time i get sexually harassed.

Lina Rosquist - ‘BLOCK’