Sunny Sisters
Photograph by Alasdair McLellan; styled by Edward Enniful; W magazine August 2011. 

Regina Kay Walters was a 14-year-old girl from Pasadena, Texas, who was murdered by a notorious serial killer, Robert Ben Rhoades. One of three victims—although Rhoades claims to have killed more—Walters was the unfortunate exception in the way Rhoades toyed with her. Rhodes cut her hair, dressed her up, and took pictures of her in distress—the most saddening of which is the picture you see above. Robert Ben Rhoades was captured in September 1992, but not before taking two more lives. He was sentenced to life without parole and remains imprisoned in Texas to this day.
Photo credit: Crime Library

Manish Arora S/S 2015 at PFW

Large 1870s 3” mourning brooch with hair from two individuals.

Félix Vallotton, 1913